What’s a Doo-Dad?

Doo-Dads was born out of an interest in repurposing vintage materials, creative lighting design, and a desire for a new challenge. The genesis of a design might be piece of beautiful decorative tin work from the old Gatsby’s Restaurant in Racine, a piece of shiplap from a dairy barn near Burlington, or something I dreamed up.

The resultant product could be primarily decorative, like a sconce, practical, like a reading lamp, or whimsical, like a steampunk lamp. The fun for me comes from the challenge of not knowing what I might do next.

That’s what a Doo-Dad is.

I hope one these creations brighten your life just a little, express your personality, and make your house feel a little more homey.


Doo-Dads: Vintage Lighting to Brighten Your Life

Note: The photos on the home page are all of lamps that I have made. They may or may not currently be in stock. Several are totally unique, incorporating one-of-kind antique elements.

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